What is a Digital Certificate ?

It is like a credential, a digital identification ‘document’, that is, a resource for third parties to digitally ‘recognize’ the identity of one or more people who might be exchanging information through digital means, or even carrying out a financial/commercial transaction.
This identification is widely used together with Cryptography ( a ‘field of study’ that accounts for the implementation of many security concepts), among which are:

· Privacy, - provides secrecy to the content exchanged;
· Authenticity - guarantees message authorship;
· Integrity - guarantees that the data transmitted was not altered after it was sent.

What is a Certifying Authority?

It is the entity issuing a digital certificate;

Think of it as being the third (trustworthy) person that countersigns a transaction.

Let us illustrate it as follows:

While transacting with another person, you are asked to show your ID card, a document issued by an entity;

The person asking for you ID card could call the issuing entity to check if your card is really yours and if it is still valid.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure that such entity did a safe work in identifying you before issuing your ID card.

Doesn’t this remind you of a purchase process with a credit card?

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